Resources for safe medicine storage

Locking up medications is easy…and important!

It is simple and inexpensive to install a cabinet or drawer lock in a home. Use it to store medication and prevent medicine misuse, overdose, theft, and accidental poisonings. Locking medicine benefits everyone’s health and well-being and like helmets and seatbelts saves lives. It will bring you peace of mind and this simple act may save the life of someone you love.

Locks & Lock Boxes

Wondering which lock or lock box to install?

Much like bike helmets and seatbelts, locked up medication is an everyday lifesaver. A small investment with a huge return, pricing for cabinet or drawer locks start around $6 and pricing for lock boxes start around $15. To help you make informed choices, scroll down to find popular cabinet and drawer locks, lock boxes, and safes that can be purchased at local hardware stores, suppliers, pharmacies, or online.

Everyday life savers

Types of Cabinet or Drawer Locks

Steel Cam Lock

Standard Drawer or Cabinet Lock

Purchase a quick and easy to install Steel Cam Lock at your local hardware store or online. A Cam Lock can be mounted to metal or wood doors and drawer panels using a few simple tools.


Magnetic Cabinet Lock

These clever Rev-A-Shelf Rev-A-Lock magnetic locks are invisible from the outside of the cabinet. Once installed, the cabinet door can only be opened by placing the powerful magnetic knob-like “key” on the outside face – in just the right spot. Lock assembly can attach to wood, glass, metal, and particleboard cabinets.

Types of Lock Boxes and Safes


Combination Medicine Lock Box

Safer Lock Box Secure Medicine Box with 4-Digit Combination Lock is certified child-resistant with a user friendly, food grade hard plastic design that fits multiple medicine bottles and locks with a 4-digit combination code of your choosing. Safer Lock Boxes can be a portable option or can be securely mounted to a closet or cabinet shelf using a couple nuts and bolts.

Standard Steel Bank/Cash Box

Standard Steel Bank/Cash Box

Use a standard bank or cash box like the Honeywell Cash Management Box for locking up medication. The boxes are made of steel, come in different sizes with a removable slotted tray, and can be a portable option or can be securely mounted to a closet or cabinet shelf using a couple nuts and bolts.

Medication Lock Box

Medication Lock Box

The Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box can hold up to 6 different prescription bottles and fits perfectly inside a standard medicine cabinet or can be securely mounted to a shelf by using the included mounting hardware.

Tenamic Safe Box

Safe Box

Keypad locking safes are a secure and easy way to keep your medicine safe and loved one free from harm. For example, the Tenamic Safe Box is a cost effective option with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.


Craig Lyons, Milestone Property Management

Locks Save Lives Home partner Craig Lyons with Milestone Property Management installs lock boxes in the primary bedroom closet in all newly built, renovated, and turned apartments so residents have a safe place to store medication. He encourages every property manager, developer, and realtor across the country to follow suit. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s cost effective, and it saves lives!

Tracy Doriot, Doriot Construction

Standing at his nephew’s gravesite wondering what could have been, precipitated builder Tracy Doriot’s belief that prescription drugs while they’re important, should be stored in a locked location. He’s committed to equipping the homes he builds with a lock box to provide families a secure place to store medications and encourages all builders to join this life-saving initiative!

Tracy Doriot, Doriot Construction

A lot of things builders get asked to do take tens of thousands of dollars, but a $10 lock or $40 safe is a minuscule cost to save a life. It’s as simple as going to your local hardware store to buy a safe or a cabinet lock and making a commitment to install a lock in every home or apartment to provide families a secure place to store medication.


Locks Save Lives Home

Locks Save Lives Home Toolkit

The Locks Save Lives Home toolkit is for builders and property managers and real estate professionals to download and use to inform residents and buyers about why locking up medication and proper disposal are so important.

Locks Save Lives

Locks Save Lives Toolkit

The Locks Save Lives toolkit is for prevention coalitions and organizations to download and use in their communities to educate parents and families on why storing medications in a locked cabinet or lockbox will help protect their children and loved ones.