Resources for safe medicine storage

Locking up medications is easy…and important!

It is simple and inexpensive to install a cabinet or drawer lock in a home. Use it to store medication and prevent medicine misuse, overdose, theft, and accidental poisonings. Locking medicine benefits everyone’s health and well-being and like helmets and seatbelts saves lives. It will bring you peace of mind and this simple act may save the life of someone you love.


Locks Save Lives Home

Locks Save Lives Home Toolkit

The Locks Save Lives Home toolkit is for builders and property managers and real estate professionals to download and use to inform residents and buyers about why locking up medication and proper disposal are so important.

Locks Save Lives

Locks Save Lives Toolkit

The Locks Save Lives toolkit is for prevention coalitions and organizations to download and use in their communities to educate parents and families on why storing medications in a locked cabinet or lockbox will help protect their children and loved ones.