Saving lives starts at home

Home – a safe and secure place!

Locking up medications benefits everyone’s health and well-being and can save lives just like helmets and seatbelts. In fact, the single most effective way to prevent accidental poisonings overdoses, and misuse from prescription and over-the-counter medications is investing in a locking cabinet, drawer or lockbox to store them safely at home. For the sake of your children, your neighbor’s children, and all your loved one, keep medication locked and stored away.

Together, we can keep our loved ones safe and save lives by establishing a standard for safe and secure home storage for prescription and over-the-counter medications.

What can I do?

Whether you’re a home builder, property manager, realtor, or parent a small investment in a lock can make a huge impact and save lives by establishing safe medicine storage as a standard safety practice.

Locks Save Lives Home

Locks Save Lives Home

Saving lives starts at home. When you choose to become a Locks Save Lives Home partner you invest in saving lives and prioritize safety by making safe medication storage easy and a standard for all families. Likewise, you play a key role in preventing prescription drug misuse and accidental poisonings by making it possible for families to keep their medications safe and loved ones free from harm.

Locks Save Lives Home

Pledge to Lock your Meds

Ease of access is the #1 reason youth misuse prescription drugs—75 percent of opioid misuse starts with using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them-usually taken from a friend or family member.