It starts with you

A small investment…a huge reward

Medication safety can start with YOU! You can make a significant impact right here in our community with very little financial investment. All it takes is a lock in each of the homes you build, manage or sell. By equipping homes with locking storage options and encouraging safe medicine storage and disposal practices you can help prevent accidental poisonings and prescription drug misuse.

Locks Save Lives Home

Bringing it Home

Locks Save Lives Home, created by home builders, property managers, realtors and prevention partners was incorporated into the Locks Save Lives initiative to meet a greater need for safe and convenient home storage for prescription and over-the-counter medications. Locks Save Lives Home encourages single and multi-family home builders, property managers and real estate professionals to purchase and install a locking cabinet or drawer in each of the homes they build, manage or sell.

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Locking medicine benefits everyone’s health and well-being

Locks Save Lives Home partners make safe and healthy homes a priority. They encourage safe medication storage and invest in an extra layer of safety by equipping homes with a locking cabinet or drawer to provide families a secure place to store prescription and over-the-counter medications. Safe medication storage benefits everyone’s health and well-being (source: Injury Epidemiology) and is the single most effective deterrent to accidental poisonings, overdose, medicine theft, and misuse that can lead to prescription drug addiction (source: Safe Kids Worldwide).

Craig Lyons, Milestone Property Management

Locks Save Lives Home partner Craig Lyons with Milestone Property Management installs lock boxes in the primary bedroom closet in all newly built, renovated, and turned apartments so residents have a safe place to store medication. He encourages every property manager, developer, and realtor across the country to follow suit. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s cost effective, and it saves lives!

Tracy Doriot, Doriot Construction

Standing at his nephew’s gravesite wondering what could have been, precipitated builder Tracy Doriot’s belief that prescription drugs while they’re important, should be stored in a locked location. He’s committed to equipping the homes he builds with a lock box to provide families a secure place to store medications and encourages all builders to join this life-saving initiative!


75 percent of opioid misuse starts with using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them – usually taken from a friend or family member.

Source: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


Deadly opioid overdoses — from prescription painkillers, fentanyl and other similar substances — increased by nearly 40%, tripling the rate of any other increase in the past decade.

Sources: WDOH, May 2021

Every 10 minutes

Every 10 minutes one child under the age of 6 is still being seen at ERs after accidental medicine ingestion despite a steady decrease since 2010.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide